Our Values

The founding members of Prosuma are putting into real action all the aims of the organization. To achieve this we must insure the continued existence of the association.

It is our conviction that self sacrifice, charity and our interdependence are universal values that when nurtured by each individual insures balance in the social realm of our society.

The creators of the organization desire to share and spread those ideas by being personally and actively involved in the making of Prosuma.

The founding team is convinced that human dignity is grounded in the freedom of each individual, and in their recognition of their responsibility to themselves and to others.

As a result their moto of the Prosuma organization is :  Individual responsibility for the whole.

They try to realize this moto in their actions, as far reaching as they can, with the aim to awaken reciprocity of responsibility from out of the sleep of apathy.

We thank everyone who has contributed in the work of Prosuma, helping managing the missions, spreading its actions in the world, and ensuring its continued existence under the banner of the solidarity fund. We also thank all the young people who have been volunteering through our organization, trusting us by committing theirselves to our cause.

The founding members