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Preliminary information before registering


The role of each actor


The host structures facility :

  • To offer missions answering a real need
  • To greet and supervise the Youths during their missions
  • To provide free accommodation to the volunteers
  • In the measure of their capacities, to offer free meals (most of all during the week at lunch time) and/or to offer  the volunteers the means to cook (free access to a kitchen facility).


Prosuma : 

  • To be the intermediary in between the young volunteers and social entities or municipal establishments or educational structures which have expressed the wish to be helped.
  • To set up strong and sustainable partnerships which the social structures welcoming the volunteers, ensuring that the missions are serious and answering a real need in human or financial assistance.
  • To validate the registration of volunteers for the adequate volunteer missions. To insure the link with the social host structures in order to prepare organizing the missions.


The Youths : 

  • To carry out a social mission by actively getting involved, engaging oneself in performing the tasks handed by the welcoming structure.
  • To engage in a donation to Prosuma. For the high-schoolers and scouts, the financial participation is 100€ per person per month (a month is 30 days). The same 100€ per person will be required even though the month has not be completed in full. For the students, the financial participation is 300€ per person per month (a month being any length of time of 30 days or less). We ask from the students a higher donation than for the scouts and high-schoolers. In fact, they are more independent, self-sufficient, and they are allocated to structures needing more financial support in order for them to put into actions more important tasks.
    For example:
    A group of 10 scouts undertaking a 10 day mission will have to pay an amount of 1000€ (10×100=1000).
    A group of 3 students undertaking a 5 weeks mission will have to pay an amount of 1800€ (3x2x300€=1800€).
    A donation receipt can be provided by Prosuma to the doners.



Why does Prosuma ask the volunteers for a financial participation?

Prosuma prefers the volunteers to receive from the social partners, free accommodation and most meals/or access to a kitchen facility, than have the volunteers spend their money in accommodation and meals during their mission.
In exchange, the volunteers are being asked to participate financially in the endorsed project by donating to Prosuma.  Prosuma then repays the totality of those donations back into the refurbishments projects or food allowances supported by the association. This search of funds to donate to Prosuma to validate the registration is an opportunity for the volunteers. In fact, they get involved and engage themselves with real actions in the mission before its actual start. Forx example : selling cookies and cakes on markets, organizing sport events, cultural events, working on getting financial grants and funding, wrapping gifts at Christmas time….


Steps of your registration

Each year many groups of students and scouts embark on missions with Prosuma.  In order to expedite the large number of volunteers we receive and to enable us to accommodate them in the most suitable way, we ask you to follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, take the time to read the information provided on the solidarity projects. You will then be able to navigate your choice towards both, the destination and what kind of a mission you would prefer.
  • Secondly, please contact us.  We will answer your questions and make sure the destination and mission you are asking for is still available for the period of time you are requesting.
  • Finally, you will be able to click on the desired destination, and download the files to finalize your registration.