Occitanie registration

The general process


Thanks to our previous missions, we have been able to enrich each year the content of our contractual agreements aiming at these two goals:
-To foresee and avoid problems during the mission
-To know the aspirations and profiles of our volunteers in order to offer the most suitable mission.
3 documents are required for registering with us. You can download them.


Your mission is accepted and validated/finalized, when we have received:
-The registration form and the volunteer agreement filled in properly and signed, accompanied with your identity photo.
-The financial participation by bank transfer or by check payable to “Association Prosuma”

As soon as we validate your registration, we will send you all useful information to prepare for the good proceedings of your mission (names and contact details of the person in charge of the welcoming structure, contact details of the nearest hospital, police station, etc…)
The members of Prosuma Association who will contact you before and during your mission are your personal main contacts. Their role is to facilitate the understanding of all administrative and logistic aspects of the mission. It is important to keep your contact updated on any changes affecting your mission (length, time, organization during…)


Main pre-requisite conditions :

This document serves an informative purpose laying down all rules, logistic points, administrative requirements, expectations, etc.. You do not have to fill in or sign anything on this document.

General Process


The volunteer agreement :

You must read it and fill in the gaps (highlighted in blue) with the proper names required :

  • Page 1 : In the part “Volunteer”, indicate please a member of your group who will be the main representative/main contact point of your group. It is important to specify and provide his phone number and email address. For other members of the group, the name and surname will be enough.
  • Page 1 : In the part “school or scout group you are allocated to”, please indicate the name, address, and telephone number of the structure you are belonging to. Please also provide the name of the person in charge of this structure with his position and contact details.
  • Clause 1 : please indicate once more the structure you are belonging to and the name of its representative.
  • Clause 2 : please provide the dates of start and end of your mission. You can stay longer, before or after the mission. But this actual agreement only concerns the time of the mission. Therefore the commitments of the welcoming structure in regards to accommodation and food only concern the time of the actual mission. The insurance provided by Prosuma will only cover you during the length of your mission.
  • Clause 7 : please indicate the exact amount of your financial participation to Prosuma.


As soon as we will receive your paperwork, we will forward the contractual documents to the office in charge of your mission in France. The persons in charge of the welcoming structure in France will then fill in the gaps in the contractual documents (highlighted in yellow). At this point, communication will be necessary in-between you and the structure in charge of your mission in order to clarify your expectations and the content of your mission. The final contractual documents after discussion in-between both parties are then signed off by the people responsible of the welcoming structure.

Prosuma receives it and after a last check and then approval, will forward it to you. Each volunteer who will be part of the mission must then sign off the documents and send this signed version to Prosuma. As a last step Prosuma will send the final version, signed by all parties involved, to the welcoming group in France and to the person in charge of the volunteers.

Volunteer Agreement

The registration file :

The registration file is a gathering of personal information about each individual volunteer (motivations, specific skills, sphere of interests, medical conditions, it also includes information regarding the persons to contact should any problems arise during the mission). Each volunteer must fill in his part of the form.


Registration File