Solidarity Projects

What is a solidarity mission with Prosuma?

The solidarity projects offered by Prosuma do not require particular skills from the young volunteers. They require the desire to do things in the right way, to share with a community, to exchange with people or just simply have the desire to help.
If you speak foreign languages, if you study in a specific domain such as social, medical psychology, education or have specific abilities, we will provide a mission that will make use of your special talents.
Please contact us before your mission starts so we can personalize the mission based on your expectations and abilities.
We offer a range of missions:
-Physical ones : renovation of  buildings, maintenance or building of nature paths
-Social ones : exchanges with special needs people (old people, isolated people, children and adults with addiction problems), organizing animation or entertainments.
The relationships with publics featuring the most fragile traits ask from the volunteers an understanding of their problems and pathology. The workers supervising those people in the social structures will guide and prepare you for this type of mission.

How do you proceed further?


Commitment and free time :

By registering, you are committing to work during a certain period of time for the welcoming structure in partnership with Prosuma. During the time of your mission, you are volunteering and will therefore not receive any compensation for your engagement.
You will take part in the work which has been given to you (7 to 8 hours/day, Monday to Friday). Evenings and week-ends, you can enjoy free time and discover your country of destination. Your hosts will advise you with pleasure on outings, sightseeing excursions in the area.
Before or after the start of your mission, you can plan on visiting your country of destination, as long as you commit to being present in your welcoming structure for the length of time agreed upon with Prosuma.


Cultural aspects :

You will intervene, take actions in a country different from yours, with a different culture or mindset. The environment of your stay might be secular or sometimes religious. In all cases, we ask from you to be respectful for the people who welcome you, of their life style and of the instructions/guidelines given to you. Respect is the corner stone value of a successful mission.


Accomodation and catering :

During your mission (not before or after), you will receive free accommodation in your welcoming structure. Most of the time, you will enjoy free lunches during the week days. In the case the meals were not provided, the welcoming structure will provide you with the use of a kitchen in which you will be able to prepare your meals at a low cost.

How do you get ready?


Administrative registration :

As soon as your registration has been approved and validated, Prosuma will communicate to you the contact details of the people responsible for receiving you. You will then be able to exchange with them on the mission given to you, contents of the tasks, organization of your stay, your accommodation, your arrival at the destination, etc…


Financial participation :

Prosuma asks from you for a financial participation. This participation is entirely re-distributed to the projects we support. Many volunteers start preparing their mission during school year : organizing fundraisers in their school/on campus to collect some funds (such as organizing sport tournaments, concerts, garage sales, gift wrapping at holiday times, sponsors search, crowdfunding on Internet, etc…). Those actions are meant to unite your group around the mission you’re preparing together. It will take some of your time, but will be worth it financially and on many other levels.
On the administration side, all the requirements of your registration are explained on the page: “register with us!”. In all countries we offer as a destination, there is no compulsory immunization needed. However, for Romania, you are asked to provide a copy or scan of your valid identity card or passport. Furthermore, Prosuma allows minors to go on missions, but only if supervised by an adult (minimum of 1 adult for 10 minors), who will take responsibility for the minors during the mission.