Volos – Greece

Welcoming structure :

White butterflies :

The association “The White Butterflies” is located in Volos (Department of Magnesia, Thessaly – Greece) since 1970.

Thanks to the dedication of the pioneers of the association, their project was crowned with success and their action was perpetuated until nowadays. At the start, more than forty years ago, the association hosted disabled children from 3 to 16 years old. But from 1992, older people began to be welcomed : autistic or mentally handicapped. The association deals with and hosts more than 20 people with intellectual disabilities.

Helped by a team of scientists and academics, the association develops programs adapted to the handicaps of their residents, in order to develop their autonomy and support them in their learning. The teaching team uses action therapy programs: gymnastics, painting, trimmings (making products sold in bazaars, for the benefit of the association).

Outings are also organized to ensure a social and cultural life for the residents of the home (museums, movies…).  Some residents do theater and dance.

The association finally gives advices to families on all administrative issues related to the disability of their children.

Meals : You are given access to a kitchen where you can prepare your meals.

Housing : free housing, in a building adjacent to the association.


Photographs of the welcoming structure :



Where : City of Volos, Thessaly – Greece

When : Missions are possible during the months of June, July and August

Maximum number of volunteers : 20

Minimum number of volunteers : 2

Minimum time between the final registration of the registration and the beginning of the mission : 15 days

Minimum duration of the mission : 2 weeks

Maximum duration of the mission : 2 months (if the group is not too numerous)

Possible types of activities :

Participation in the Foundation’s therapeutic programs and activities with residents of the association such as painting, handicrafts, music and dance therapy, sensory integration, and so on…

Special informations :

  • Speaking English is a plus to communicate with some staff members.
  • Adaptation of the program according to the wishes and abilities of the volunteers.
  • Missions opened to minors accompanied by an adult (one adult per 10 minors). The accompanist remains responsible for young minors.

The region :

Région de Volos - GrèceVolos is a town of about 150,000 inhabitants, located in Thessaly, at the foot of Mount Pelion – Greece, the mythological home of the Centaur. Volos is home to an important port, it is an industrial city that also hosts the University of Thessaly. Located 330 km from Athens and about 200 km from Thessaloniki, the city is located in the center of the country, in the Gulf of Pelion. During the summer, during the mission period, it can be very hot, between 30 ° C and 40 ° C. The area is beautiful and you can enjoy the weekends or before / after your mission.

Volos is at the edge of the water and lined with peaceful beaches. Further south, the Pelion offers both beaches and coves, small fishing villages, but also the opportunity to hike in the mountains to discover the small picturesque villages that dominate the entire gulf. From Volos it is also possible to explore the Sporades Islands. Further north-west, 140 km away are the meteors, a mysterious place where monasteries are perched on impressive gray rock masses, carved by erosion.